Posture Pillow™ For Lumbar Support

Posture Pillow™ For Lumbar Support

Posture Pillow™ For Lumbar Support

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Why is it so hard and uncomfortable sitting with good posture? It's because there is a hollow space between the chair and your back. You can easily slouch even if this hollow space is supported.


Introducing the world's first lumbar pillow that supports your spine AND prevents you from slouching at the same time.

Our patented lever design takes sitting to the next level. With a swaying system built inside, you never have to worry about sitting with bad posture and having back pain.


Once you lean back, force from the thoracic spine causes the levers to sway forward. This tilted angle forces you to sit upright and realigns your spine into a natural position. Contours uniquely to the shape of your spine by using force from your own weight.


Experience the heavenly comfort of the levers. Flexible material supported with metal springs underneath. Gently absorbs pressure and corrects your posture in one seamless motion. 


Our lumbar support is 30% slimmer than the average. Our special curve design wraps around your hips for additional comfort.


As a result of good posture and maximum comfort, our lumbar support is ergonomically designed to relieve pain for sciatica, upper, middle and lower back. Our customers claim that they are able to sit for 8 hours without pain.

Trusted by more than 50 health practitioners including chiropractors, physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons. It is also available in over 20 clinics in North America. 


  • Fully portable. Attach it to any chair with a backrest e.g. office chairs, recliner chairs, car seats, dining chairs
  • Adjustable elastic strap for secure position
  • Breathable polyester and machine washable cover
  • Dimensions: 46x7x43 cm
  • Weight: 2 IBS


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Doctor Testimonials

All my patients have felt the difference before and after using the posture pillow. The levers help with sitting posture and works to relieve back pain. They tell me that they can't function their daily lives without it. This is a must have for every household.

Dr. Farzana (Owner of Spine Plus Wellness Centre)

Poor sitting posture is detrimental to people's health. Thankfully, the posture pillow is fixing this. This is the only lumbar pillow that supports you in an upright position. Other similar products only provide padding behind your back that doesn't help with your posture.

Dr. Jonas (Owner of Recharge Wellness)

The posture pillow is both super effective and comfortable. My patients tell me that they never thought sitting in an upright posture can be so comfortable. This easily keeps your spine in a neutral position. This makes the posture pillow super practical.

Dr. Laura (Owner of Movement Chiropractic & Rehab)
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