I have felt the difference before and after using the posture pillow. The levers support my lower back and works to relieve back pain. My patients tell me that they can't function their daily lives without it. This is a must have for every household.

Dr. Farzana (Owner of Spine Plus Wellness Centre)

This is the only lumbar pillow that supports you in an upright position. Other similar products only provide padding behind your back that doesn't help you to sit upright. I use this everyday to keep my spine healthy. This is the best in the market.

Dr. Jonas (Owner of Recharge Wellness)

The posture pillow is both super effective and comfortable. My patients tell me that they never thought sitting in an upright posture can be so comfortable. This easily keeps your spine in a natural position, making it very practical. Just use it on any seat or chair.

Dr. Laura (Owner of Movement Chiropractic & Rehab)
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